Monday, April 17, 2006

Felting can be fun!

So, I finally finished the knitting of my laptop bag (which I started way back in January, but set aside several times, as usual, that's how knitting goes for me)...Anyhow- I think that I have successfully felted it. It's hard to know when "enough" felting has occurred, but I am guessing that it is simply a matter of taste and size, and it seemed like it was at a good point- so, now i just need to buy a zipper and get some sewing advice in order to be finished. Yea! And one of the neatest things about this was that my husband even took an interest in the felting process (ya gotta admit, it is sciency and pretty cool- this process)...anyhow- it made for a lot of fun on Friday. We also spent out Easter weekend tandem biking together and then visiting our friends from seminary KP and Melissa and our fabulous goddaughter Sashi. It was a great weekend all in all. So, now, back to work!


Blogger AngeliasKnitting said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I can't wait to see your finished bag. Felting is alot of preference - generally it's felted "enough" when it's a solid piece of material (you can't see the individual stitches & holes anymore).

6:00 AM  

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