Thursday, March 16, 2006

To Hell and back...oh I hope to get back

These last couple of weeks have been hellish. Things at work are complicated and frustrating- things at home would be good if my Dad would not have Alzheimer's and if my uncle wouldn't have died, and if my parents weren't financially bereft...ugh.

Tomorrow I am going to drag my husband and 18 month old son on a five and half hour car ride up to Warren PA for a funeral, followed by a 5 and half hour trip back that same night- and the only good thing that could come out of it is- well- I will probably knit on the way. Knitting really is kind of like an anti-depressant for me at this point. I

know that things always get better eventually- but I hope that they do sooner rather than later. I am a person who laughs a lot and who finds great joy in life- but right now it is just hard to get to that kind of joyful place and stay there for any length of time- life just feels like hell at this particular moment. In the meantime- I have a friend who's advice was- when you're going through hell - just keep on going.... I guess eventually you get to the "other side" or you get back again. eventually just can't come soon enough.


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