Thursday, March 30, 2006

Livin' the Good Life

This weekend I am leading a Girls retreat at work- and I am so excited about it. We have fifteen girls, two Seminary Students, my colleague and I. We'll be talking about perfectionism and using Anna Quindlan's book "Being Perfect" as well as the Mary and Martha bible story as starting points for our conversation. And we'll be teaching them some forms of meditative/prayer practices, including: baking bread, walking a Labyrinth and KNITTING. Yep- it was a little selfish- but I worked knitting into the curriculum...Ok, Hopefully, it was really for the right reasons in the end, because i really do believe that it can be an important spiritual practice for some. I have never taught others to knit- so this should be a blast!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Home and Family

We made it home just fine- and Isaac was fantastic for the whole length of the long car ride- Yea! What a great baby!! I did knit a little, and cried a little, and laughed with my hubby and mom a little- and it was all good. Then this weekend we spent time with friends and family- and that was wonderful. My SIL took me to a "basket bingo" and I actually won a basket (how fun) and then we spent time last night with my In-laws (mom and dad) and that was just total fun. We are very lucky- even in the midst of all the stress going on right now. And I am feeling especially joyful and grateful today- so i am going to run with that while it lasts! Blessings to anyone reading this- hope you find joy today too.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

To Hell and back...oh I hope to get back

These last couple of weeks have been hellish. Things at work are complicated and frustrating- things at home would be good if my Dad would not have Alzheimer's and if my uncle wouldn't have died, and if my parents weren't financially bereft...ugh.

Tomorrow I am going to drag my husband and 18 month old son on a five and half hour car ride up to Warren PA for a funeral, followed by a 5 and half hour trip back that same night- and the only good thing that could come out of it is- well- I will probably knit on the way. Knitting really is kind of like an anti-depressant for me at this point. I

know that things always get better eventually- but I hope that they do sooner rather than later. I am a person who laughs a lot and who finds great joy in life- but right now it is just hard to get to that kind of joyful place and stay there for any length of time- life just feels like hell at this particular moment. In the meantime- I have a friend who's advice was- when you're going through hell - just keep on going.... I guess eventually you get to the "other side" or you get back again. eventually just can't come soon enough.