Monday, January 30, 2006

The Hershey Hotel and other things...

So, this past week was really interesting. I spent 3 days at the Hershey Hotel - which was incredible. It was work related, learned alternative worship possibilities for using art and film in worship- REALLY fabulous stuff. Of course, I love art- and so any opportunity to explore beauty like that really makes me happy. Also- that hotel is truly incredible- and we had such a great rate- it was amazing (this is because it is their slowest week of the year). The food is just spectacular...oh my.... and best of all- the knitting craze was all over the place at our meeting. I bet there were at least 10 people out of 130 who knitted, crocheted or cross stitched their way through the meetings- but mostly knitters. So I got some great help, saw some cool patterns and had the BEST time! Which is great because I really have been flirting with some pretty serious depression for me, and this experience just helped. Someone I really trust also recommended at therapist and I am finally (I have been talking about this for over 5 years now) going to make an appointment. Good news for me, but also for those who know me and have had to put up with major bouts of "blueness" and angst for so many years. We'll see how it goes, but either way, it's good to be taking action to change my life for the better. Thanks for the comments on my last post all- and I'll try to write and be in touch more often. Peace!


Blogger Sarah said...

Hey Jacq, I miss you too...glad to hear you had such a good time at dad was there, did you see him?

Anyway, what is Wednesday like for you? I have time early (I'm meeting w/Greg at school at 10) or between maybe 11 and 1, or after 4. Let me know if any of that works. Otherwise, what about Friday evening/late afternoon? Give me a call or ya!

7:25 PM  
Blogger AngeliasKnitting said...

Wow! The Hershey Hotel...and knitting! Lucky you!!

Funny you should mention the therapist thing. Just last night I was thinking that I need to find one but have NO IDEA how. I'm not even sure I believe it helps. I need to do something, though.

9:51 AM  

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